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Carmel Gajjar
My name is Carmel. I am a thirty year old South African female. I am currently travelling Ireland. Next stop is England. Prior to landing in Ireland a month ago, I traveled throughout my home country South Africa, for two months, going places I had never been before, places tourists from abroad usually never get to see. For the last three years I lived in South Korea (up until the end of August 2018). From there I traveled Asia during my vacations. Now I am on a journey around world looking for my next base camp, where I can work and travel and explore during my vacation time. During my spare time I love to read and write. To keep afloat, money-wise, whilst on this long travel adventure, I currently pet sit for families who are going on holiday in exchange for a roof over my head. I also teach English online and write.I love to read autobiographies and stories about peoples travels. When I was younger, I could not afford to travel, so I read about other peoples travels, and traveled the world through the written word. I love to take photographs of my destinations. I look forward to sharing many travel stories with my readers. .