Cape Point

This is a day trip. Start early. Don’t take the Flying Dutchman. Walk up to the lighthouse. It really isn’t that far, and if you don’t walk you’ll miss out on the spectacular views at every turn. I went on a rainy day. It did not take away from the beauty.

Do the short hike to the Cape of Goodhope. The Southern tip of Africa is spectacular. There are Dassies, rock rabbits, who live there and who enjoy having you take photographs of them nibbling on grass.

Please note: Don’t feed the Dassies, otherwise they will come to rely on humans for food and not be able to fend for themselves. There are also sometimes baboons who you may see park rangers chasing after with slingshots to protect the tourists. Just keep your soda bottles out of their reach. They are like naughty kids, just looking to have some fun.

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