Table Mountain

One of the seven natural wonders of the world

Table Mountain. It is also one of the oldest mountains in the world. Standing anywhere in the City you will see it towering above you. You will need to give in to your desire to conquer the mountain. In order to conquer it, you need to hike it or use the cable car to get up there.

How high is Table Mountain?

Towering 1085 meters above sea-level, from 0m at the harbor, one can easily walk from the Victoria and Albert waterfront to 1085 meters in a 1/2 day hike. The easier route is driving up to 363 meters above sea level. You can also use the city sightseeing buses to get to this start point. The much more affordable alternative is to use Cape Town’s integrated rapid bus system, the MyCiTi bus service.

How long will it take to hike up?

If you’re not a regular hiker, it could take you about four hours with lots of time to rest on the way up, for hikers of average fitness it should take between two to three hours to hike up Platteklip Gorge, which is the easiest and least dangerous route. It is a pretty tough hike for most people, so prepare a snack and stop to take in the view as often as possible.

Best days to hike.

I’d suggest hiking on the weekend, when there are many people hiking along with you. That way one would not need to book a tour, it’s really not necessary, unless you wish to based on language preferences.

Weather conditions may prevent you from climbing

Before hiking, keep an eye on the table mountain website page. It will let you know how the weather on the mountain is on the day. With weather conditions changing rather quickly, they cannot tell you very far in advance as to how hard the wind will blow until the day of the hike. So when you hike prepared to hike back down in the case that the wind comes up and the cable car is closed as a result. that you plan to hike and if the cable car is closed for the day or not. For those who hike up, be prepared to hike down in the winds change and the cable car needs to close. But otherwise, you can hike up and take the cable car down a wonder especially for those who suffer from joint pain walking downhill or have a tight itinerary to keep to. That way you can enjoy a traditional South African meal and a drink at the top of the mountain, and come down with no worries of falling off the edge of a cliff. Indulge in delicacies such as Amarula cheesecake, milk tart, jelly, and custard or even hot chocolate. Take a jacket, it is usually nippier up there on top of the mountain. The website will tell you the temperature on top of the mountain and whether the cable car is open on that particular day.

Enjoy the hike!

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